Approach and Governance Structure

We aspire to become
"Your Trusted People
Centric partner in Value

In all we do, we uphold our Core Values - Enthusiastic, Trustworthy, Humble, Innovative, and Committed ("ETHIC").

This means that we also have a responsibility to protect the environment and society and minimising any negative environmental or social impacts our business or operations may create. We hold ourselves accountable not only to shareholders but also to other stakeholders. We consider a successful business as one that takes care of the stakeholders involved in its business, in addition to merely shareholders.

Process and procedures supporting ELK-Desa's management of sustainability

Governance structure for sustainability
Stakeholder Analysis and Management
Materiality Assessment

Our Sustainability Focus


ELK-Desa's Key Sustainability Targets and Performance

Material Matters Commitments Indicators FY2023 Targets FY2023 Actual Results
Anti-corruption, Anti-Money Laundering, and Ethical Business Practices To demonstrate our adherence to integrity, governance, and responsible business practices within expectation of the marketplace and stakeholders.

We have adopted a zero-tolerance approach on anti-bribery and corruption.
Reported cases involving bribery or corruption 0 reported cases 0
Suppliers/ business partners to whom we have communicated or affirmed to our code of conduct/ anti bribery and corruption policy 95% of suppliers/ business partners 97.5%
Employees who have received training on policy and procedure related to anti-bribery, corruption and code of ethics and conduct 95% of employees 96.9%
Board members and Senior Management endorsed the Declaration of conflict of interest/ communicated regarding the anti-corruption policy and procedure 100% of Board members and Senior Management 100%
Operations function assessed for risk related to corruption divided by total operations per annum 95% of operations 100%
Financial Performance To achieve steady financial performance growth. Return on equity > 8% 10.4%
Return on assets > 5.5% 7.5%
Earnings per share growth > 5% 83.0%
Dividend payout ratio > 60% 62%
Responsible Finance To serve the under privileged community not supported by mainstream lenders, e.g., bank and license financial institution.

To treat customers fairly through practices of clear and transparent financing terms, lending only to those who can afford to repay.

To finance road-worthy motor vehicles.
Hirers that fall under B40 and M40 95% of hirers 99.3%
Hirers have been briefed on financing terms 100% of hirers 100%
Loan approved for motor vehicles that passed PUSPAKOM inspection 100% of loan approved 100%
Employee Engagement and Employee Wellbeing Commit to engage regularly with employees.

Commit to provide employee training and development.

To ensure the low rate of staff turnover.

To ensure the happiness of employees.

Committed to safeguard employee safety and health.
Employee engagement activities per year To conduct at least 4 engagement activities 6
Average training hours per employee per year Minimum average 10 hours of training and development 35.03
Staff turnover per annum < 5% of staff turnover 13.4%
Innovation Commit to approach/ educate all hirers and dealers to use our innovative products.

To improve products, services and internal processes using technology.
Product adoption rate by hirer or dealers (e.g. e-payment channel, mobile phone app) At least 65% adoption rate 90.2% for e-payment channel

31.3% for mobile phone app
Number of accepted innovative ideas/ processes per annum Minimum 2 projects per department that meet project criteria per annum Average 1.25 projects per department

Governance structure for sustainability